About Us

Here at Lakshmi Vilas we have been serving tiffin and thalis since 1998.

The word tiffin occupies a special place for the Indian palette. The literal translation of the word tiffin means snacks.

Tiffins are eaten either as a morning breakfast or in the afternoon before dinner.

Tiffins come in different forms and names. They are crunchy, soft, spicy, sweet and fiery hot, they are steamed or shallow fried.

These savoury & sweet treats have become the talk of the town with dosas, idhlis and gulab jamuns capturing the hearts of the adventurous palettes.

Thalis are a wholesome meal served with rotis, vegetarian curries, dahl and desert.

We are now working on introducing our fusion menu, which will be a combination of different cuisines.

If you want freshness, originality and taste  then Lakshmi Vilas is the place.

the Lakshmi Vilas team